Colligo ["Koe-Lee-Go"] [Latin:] verb: to Combine, Connect, Unite, Assemble, Gather, Bring Together

Colligo Systems performs datacenter design and consulting services that cover all areas of common enterprise datacenter, but with a different approach and perspective.

Our datacenter consulting services focus on:

  • Physical infrastructure - Power, Cooling, Rack Layout, Secure Access

  • Network Design - Core Networking, Leaf and Spine Architectures

  • Storage Networking - Fibre Channel, Storage Fabric Networks and iSCSI

  • Storage Design and Implementation - SAN Design, Sizing, and Installation

  • Disaster Recovery - Site Survivability and DR planning and Implementation

  • Advanced Datacenter Networking - Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

  • Cloud Migration - MIgration of Systems/Services to Amazon AWS

Things We Do In the Datacenter